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with the help of dear friends and distant strangers, we explore gendered soundscapes, sound practices, and sound studies of the world — forging threads of connection between (gendered) existences and resistances ︎︎︎

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woven lullabies

یکی درد و یکی درمان پسندد
یک وصل و یکی هجران پسندد
من از درمان دردش بی نصیبم

weavers in Barzok express themselves through singing to both transform the monotonous work environment and to narrate their life experiences. golriz shayani has studied these women’s voices, affect, and labour as a focus of her Ph.D in Ethnomusicology.


from barzok, IRAN

I am a descendant of a carpet merchant. My grandfather was a carpet merchant, and I still have many family members with workshops in Iran.

In collaboration with my mother, Nasrin, I have explored the nuanced soundscape of these spaces, dominanted by the voices of women. The story behind these soundscapes tells the story of the social and economic changes that have influenced this form of labour over time --- shifting from a practice of documenting the female experience to a full-fledged industry.

This story is made exceptionally audible through the lullabies sung by the women in the workshops --- songs that were first used to lull their babies to sleep, but now carry new lyrics that speak to the miseries of the weavers.

In this piece, you will be transported to the workshop in Barzok and become acquainted with the women and their layered lullabies.

Much of the recorded work here has been dictated from an article published by Ajam Media Collective   

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intimacy of longing

“Music ... used as a tool for survival”. Kornelia Binicewicz pays tribute to the music that supported women who migrated from Turkey to Germany for work in her exploration of the soundscapes that heal the pain of separation from home.

Ladies on Records AKA Kornelia Binicewicz brings the story of Turkish women who immigrated to Germany within the labour exchange deal between Turkey and Germany. The project reveals a new narrative of migration, gives voice to women, sheds a different light on the issue of the exodus. It highlights that 30% of workers who moved to Germany were women. Kornelia BInicewicz pays tribute to their individual stories about their experiences, emotions, and music they listened to heal their pain of separation from their home country, family, and friends.

Concept, text, mix & research: Kornelia Binicewicz
Interviews: Aysel Aycan Aktaş
Illustrations: Gizem Winter


from istanbul, TURKEY
from berlin, GERMANY



gertrude malizana records soundscapes of informal women’s labour in her city - from kitchens, to salons, to the work of elderly women chipping away at stones to create gravel - urging that ‘we expand measures to support our female workers’. 

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from dar es salaam, TANZANIA

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